Neiman Marcus: Gingerbread Yummm!

The process by which a foam piece of M becomes a delicious gingerbread cookie:

First it begins as a thick foam cut-out with what appears to be styrene on both sides. That got sliced off with a heated-wire foam-slicing tool.

Then it gets sanded down by hand:

Some sanding and painting later:

What would be a more interesting book than the one on grey–50 Shades of Brown:

I made a lot of cording:

Glitter, the herpes of the crafting world (then again, so is fur-fuzz):

Here is where I ran out of cording. The Goddess of Adequate Yardage, despite being prayed to, did not provide.

Here it is finished except for that last foot of frosting cording. The floor is coated in glitter from the roomful of trees the other crew decorated:

Roomful of trees:

This isn’t even all of them. I have no idea what round this is, tree-wise, as I worked at home more than on location.

Yummm! in the window; that naughty ant messed up our kerning:

4 thoughts on “Neiman Marcus: Gingerbread Yummm!

  1. July 7, 2009Lol, I’ve already neocitd these babies in some of the pictures you posted over at Forever Amber. Needless to say, I have no idea what you wrote about I just managed to think Wait, is she wearing Louboutins? before my eyes glazed over and I started drooling

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