D Magazine Write-Up

The line I sewed for the local boutique, Factory Girl, was written up by D Magazine. Yes, that’s right, I said D Magazine, folks.

Here is the link:


And a screenshot:

Here it is mentioned again as a “Most Wanted:”


Potunia Photoshoot

I’ve been written up twice in a local Vietnamese fashion magazine called Potunia.

Diana Souza and Ava Carmichael came over to take some photos of my fashions and of me hanging out and looking sewy in my old studio at the Continental Gin building. I’ve posted a gallery of the photoshoot here:


Pre-Neiman Marcus Unveiling

The unveiling is tomorrow. Or, to be exact, it’s today, for 3 minutes already. I went online to find the starting time for all the festivities in the Main Street park down the way from Neiman’s (6pm), which will include a jet pack, not to give everything away. While searching, I came across this video from the year before I joined the crew, a year I’ve heard a lot about. It’s got both Carloses, Chris, and the mastermind, Larry! (disclaimer: mastermind, in my opinion; there may have been other masterminds involved who I’m not aware of… or is it “of whom I am not aware”?)