Galleries coming soon

I’ve got a bit of stuff up at, but the problem with the galleries that are readily available is that it’s hard to sort by categories (custom designs made for specific individuals, home dec, my own personal designs, dance clothes, menswear, weddings, etc.). And it’s impossible to sort within those categories to have easy sub-categories for alternate views–like the back of the garment, a shot of it in motion, or a close-up of a detail. In currently available galleries, these shots would be given equal weight to pictures of other garments. Which I think is confusing and awkward.

Anything that can be forced into sort of having sub-galleries would require viewers using the back button a lot, and I’m set on intuitive galleries that can be lazily wandered through.

So my galleries, or at least a beta version, will be up soon at, thanks to this everlastingly good sport, pictured here wearing his very own Nordahlia longcat scarf: