Poodle Topiary with Birds

I worked on a handful of aspects of a photoshoot with Jocelyn M. For starters, pulling the wings off of birds. One final bird gazes at his de-plumed brethren:

They were painted brown and their beaks, wings, and tail feathers were replaced with scored cardboard.

Alas, I apparently didn’t get a shot of a finished bird, but here are the birds with beaks sitting amongst piles of prepared wings and tails:

There was also a felt butterfly and some clouds, but by the time we finished with the poodle, picture-taking’s priority was somewhere behind going home.

Jocelyn made the wire frame and figured out the doormat-sized swatches of leaf cover:

The wire legs started out thicker, but the denseness of the foliage necessitated squeezing them down to peg-thin.

The tail required a reinforcing heavier wire. And until we decided that more of the heavy wire had to be added to the legs and neck/head, the lazy dog spent the day leaning every chance it got, just like a real dog.

I seem to be developing a specialty in covering 3D objects with stuff. That and topiary-related business. This is kind of how I got into skirt-making, which I could now do in my sleep. I’m not sure I want to be able to do topiary-related things in my sleep. Despite Jocelyn and I going on about how awesome a giraffe would be, I’m not sure I would actually want to follow through on that. Especially when I’m supposed to be sleeping.

Jocelyn is pretty amazing at sculpting. Look at that posture! Look at that dog butt!

Finished at last:

Luckily, the dog and I have the same prescription.


Floor Art

I recently went to a Star Trek convention down the street (with ubiquitous time traveling Steam Punk):

It was pretty much a big advertisement for the Texas Lottery, targeting people who have aspergers AND are bad at math, so I’m not sure who they think their audience is. But they sponsored a chance for people to dress in Star Trek costumes, so you can’t really blame them too much.

The plan was to make a world record for number of people in costume in one place. It was not beat, but William Shatner did break the record for shortest celebrity appearance, so it goes.

And dancing did ensue:

All of my pictures of the event are either lousy or pretty much lousy because the enormous wall of windows made it impossible to focus.

Then we walked around the corner and discovered some incredibly elaborate floor art:

Upon closer inspection, there are all sorts of tiny metal strips and various colors intricately worked in:

These little, seemingly random thingies are spread out at various increasing distances as they get farther away from the above-pictured spiral, even tucked away in corners and behind things.

Some of them of identifiable objects:

And so forth:

We found what appeared to be a key, but could not decipher it:

Even when we found the . . . solar system being eaten by snakes? . . . we were still stumped:

Behind Brent:


This one has a device installed in the ceiling whose sole purpose is to keep a red laser dot on the eye of the snake, and to shift it slightly:

Also, it has the dotted line of a horse head around it.

Snake set:

The planets were also highly detailed:

Probably Saturn:

There was geometry everywhere, some of it more obvious than in other places:

Looking it up later online, we were able to verify the year this stuff was done, but no further information about it:

There was a bird pulling a worm through a wormhole:

And a giant mosquito:

Plus the best police badge ever:

A lovely quote:

And some other stuff:


I tried doing various image searches, but Google was no help:

Yes, thank you Google, this is very similar to a scorpion constellation built into a floor:

Our AI has not yet caught up to Max Headroom.