Christopher Robin’s Got Game

Today I hosted Craft Day, as I do once a month, through so I finished up all the machine sewing the night before and saved all the non-machine-related finishing stuff for today. I’ve used my sewing machines during Craft Days before, but it’s always a lot of work to haul them out of my studio, it takes up a lot of space on the table, and it’s too loud to easily join in the chatting, which is the whole point of hosting a public Craft Day.

Here are all the faces drying on the catch-all table I keep swearing I’m going to straighten up:

So today was about sewing the snaps onto Eyore’s chin, rubbing glue into everyone’s eyes and smiles, and styling the angel’s and Christopher Robin’s hair. For that part, I used FrayCheck, since it had worked so well on Eyore’s mane.

I put Angel’s face over the back of a chair and a pillow to get it to stand up while I was working on it. For Chris Robin, I found a cooler option:

Now I want to make another one that I can keep!