Dye Job

The Project: Filthy Pants


Okay, so the project description isn’t very descriptive, and it isn’t exactly accurate. But I am seriously sick of the short life of the prettiness of jeans. If a day goes by in which I do not spill coffee on my pants while driving, then it’s because I’m wearing a skirt. And as I have outgrown spinning around on my knees, by a couple decades, I have no freaking clue what the heck is up with the knees of every pair.

A bit of Shout extends their lives for a while, but eventually they all come out of the dryer looking like I haven’t washed them and there’s nothing else to do for it but dye them.


Well, I’ve double-checked and determined that I didn’t save any of the rest of the shots of the process. I don’t remember them being very good or very informative, anyway.

I put all my jeans, as well as some denim scraps to be used to patch knee holes into a very large pot filled with several packs of dye. They came out not nearly dark enough and the knees continued to look ugly. I also spilled some drips onto the shirt I was wearing and couldn’t get them out.

So the next round happened in a larger bucket with a lot more packets of dye and included the dye-spotted shirt and a dress belonging to my roommate that had a dull white bodice.