Making Neimans Plastic

The Project:

4 curtains with casings at the top and bottom, all of them 10ish feet high by 10 to 20 feet long


While we set up the Christmas display, we’ll be keeping the windows covered with plastic. I glued the sides down and kept them weighted with a drill as I was working. One of my cohorts came by to claim the drill and replaced my weight with a different drill. I think it’s the second one that’s pictured below:

Sitting on a box and sewing on plastic!:

That is a lot of plastic:

But it folds up small:

Photos of plastic in action coming soon!



Those who are not involved in professionally decorating for the holidays may think starting plans and some production at the beginning of September to be too early for Christmas. It’s actually a little late, but we’ve got the staff that can pull it off.

Until the unveiling, however, it is confidential. So here is a context-less taste: