Neiman Marcus: Other Stuff

Here are the windows other folks in my crew worked on but that I didn’t have anything to do with:

Here is D. taking a picture of me taking a picture, along with some of the protruding crawl-through tube and the dripping icicle-lights:

Lit-up tube and the outside snowflakes:

I really wanted orange on this color-shifting ball, but my camera kept refocusing for close-up whenever that color rolled around, so I got a number of shots of the other shades as well:

Looking like a low-flying sun:

Last year, I got to meet the guy who makes these. I sat with him at lunch while he explained the process that goes into covering the frame with fabric and making it that taut and that round and that perfect, and I still couldn’t explain it to you. (Though, to be fair, I have slept since then.)

Here is the gallery of all the images of the finished windows: