Emergency Tablecloth Round 2

After leaving the Sally Beauty convention, I headed home to make another tablecloth for the local jewelry designer whose website I really need to get ahold of and put into one of these blog entries.

This tablecloth is larger than its otherwise similar predecessor, but so is the fabric. Luckily I didn’t bring a regular yardstick or measuring equal 45″ sides from the center seam would have been a much bigger hassle.

I used the curve template again for the corners:

Emergency Tablecloth, Stat!

I made an emergency tablecloth today for a show this evening.

Serge and topstitch a seam down the middle, then cut off 5-6 inches on each side to keep the seam centered.

I prepared a paper template to round the corners. I’ve tried to do a rounded tablecloth without a template before, and also without coffee fairly early in the morning (my version of morning). The curve wound up getting cut into the fabric backward . . . always better to be more careful than clever.

While cutting out, I said hello to a handful of humans, two dogs, and someone I kind of know, but didn’t know she sewed. She was wearing a shirt of her creation and asked for assistance with making another one.

Ahhh, I love the atrium!

And apparently other sewers do, too, as someone else had left this behind: